Sliding Fitting

Topline XL

Specialising in heavy doors: the top-running TopLine XL sliding door system is designed for doors weighing up to 80 kg. Outstanding running action: even large, heavy doors run smoothly and quietly with TopLine XL.
With Silent System soft-closing, they gently shut without a murmur. The system‘s first-class, long-lasting quality is sure to delight even the most discerning of users.
• 2-track, top-running sliding door system Overlay door position
• For wooden doors or wood / aluminium-framed doors
• Door weight up to 80 kg
• Door height up to 2600 mm
• Door width 700 - 2000 mm
• Door thicknesses 19 - 40 mm
• Height adjustment ± 2 mm
• Door height, door reveal and closing force can be adjusted
• Reduced opening force to make doors easier to open
• Silent System (adjustable) in closing, opening and collision direction
• Fast assembly of guide components
• Tested to EN 15706, Level 3

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